Storing Your Smokes  

  Keep them as fresh as the day they were born! Store your smokes at home in the tube box we gave you. Keep them zipped up tight in the ziplock bag at room temperature.
  The worst thing you can do to raw, untreated tobacco is refrigerate or freeze it!! This will actually dry them out and make them stale.
  Here are two other options to keep them super-fresh: 1) Pick up a pillow pack at the register. They are only a dollar and can be re-used for a month.
How come I can’t have 200 smokes?

  We guarantee the machine will function well enough to produce 190, and we work hard to try to get you 199... sometimes the machine eats a tube or a few tubes or some of your smokes may be a wee bit light on tobacco. The reason you’ll never get more than 199 is due to an arcane PA law that requires a tax be paid upon the possession of your 200th cigarette... even if you are at home rolling in a table-top machine. So, how many did you get today? That’s right: 199!

Attention Parents & Grandparents

  We love kids, and even have some of our own, but we are an ADULT ESTABLISHMENT and cannot have children in the store. In order to remain a smoker-friendly location and maintain our exempt status, we must ask that you leave the kids at home. Thanks and we are sorry.

5 Ways to Cut Down Your Wait-Time:

1. Call Ahead:
We will place your bin at the end of the line and tell you when to be here to measure up your tobacco. NOTE: If you are not here at your designated time, we may have to jump groups of bins over yours and your wait-time may be extended dramatically. We are glad to extend this call-ahead feature for folks that can get here on time. To be fair to all the people waiting behind your call-ahead bin, please note that if you are late more than once, your call-ahead privileges will be revoked.

2. Use our lounge to relax and wait your turn. This helps keep our rolling area free of congestion and allows our staff to keep things moving along efficiently.

3. Give us your cell phone number and we will call you 15 minutes before your turn. Take a walk and enjoy the other shops in the area. We even have menus and coupons for some of them!

4. Come early... our Monday-Friday early rollers have the shortest wait times!

5. Please place your card or your register ticket in your bin(s) on the shelf and keep only the carton you are rolling with you on the machines. (This avoids mix-ups.)

Collecting ALL Coupons  

  Please bring in any cigarette coupons you get and don’t plan to use. Our brand-name smokers really appreciate the extra break!

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