About Us
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This site and our products are intended exclusively for adult users. Please certify that you are 18 years of age or older before entering our store.

We offer adult smokers LOTS of extraordinary values!

1. We ALWAYS offer our Manufactured Name Brands at the LOWEST PRICE allowed by law.

2. Want even MORE SAVINGS? We'll blend for you and create a custom smoke. Roll 'em here in our Automated Rolling Machines for amazing savings. It only takes 8-10 minutes unless we have a wait. (Don't worry... it's easy and we'll show you how to do everything!)

3. Still not value-enough? You'll need about 5 minutes a day to roll 'em at home. We'll show you how, sample your tobacco and you'll be smoking for about $10 a carton (including tax!)

How much am I saving?
One smoker at a carton-a-week rolling your custom blend in the store will save lots of money! Now all you have to do is figure out what to spend the extra money each month on... or save it up and really treat yourself at the end of the year!

If your Brand            1 Smoker                  2 Smokers                  1 Smoker                   2 Smokers
Price is:             Save Monthly:            Save Monthly:            Save Yearly:               Save Yearly:
   $4.10                          $75.90                       $151.80                    $910.80                    $1,821.60
   $4.40                          $89.46                       $178.92                 $1,073.52                    $2,147.04
   $4.70                        $102.18                       $204.36                 $1,226.16                    $2,452.32
   $5.00                        $114.90                       $229.80                 $1,378.80                    $2,757.60
   $5.20                        $123.38                       $246.76                 $1,480.56                    $2,961.12
   $5.40                        $131.86                       $263.72                 $1,582.32                    $3,164.64
   $5.60                        $140.34                       $280.68                 $1,684.08                    $3,368.16
   $5.80                        $148.82                       $297.64                 $1,785.84                    $3,571.68
   $6.00                        $157.30                       $314.60                 $1,887.60                    $3,775.20
   $6.20                        $165.78                       $331.56                 $1,989.36                    $3,978.72
Three Smokers? Tripple it. Yay! More?? Wow!!
We are Tom and Lois, and this is how Steeltown Tobacco came into existence.
As we were trying to save some money on cigarettes, we heard about a great little tobacco store by the name of Tightwad Tobacco in New Brighton, PA.  Once we saw the cool way the roll-your-own machines made the cigarettes and how much money we could save, we realized what a great opportunity we'd have in helping out our neighborhood during these tough economic times.  This is how it all started!